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AUGUST 30, 2019

🎉 Now THIS is happiness!!! Benjamin has been a loyal client since the start of my career in Real Estate. I’ve had the privilege of meeting him as a sleepy, swaddled baby, and I teared up on the day the his Mama set him down and we cheered as he perfected his first wobbly steps. I’ve worked hard to get him to smile for me and now, I feel like he’s let me into his ”inner circle” and I get a squeal, a giggle and when I’m really lucky, he reaches out to me! Today is an exciting day for Benjamin (and his Mom and Dad) as they take possession of their beautiful new home! Lots of amazing new memories and milestones will happen here, including the arrival of a brand new sibling for this guy to love very soon! Congratulations to this lovely growing family on their beautiful new home and thanks for letting me tag along on the journey! ❤