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March 24, 2020

🌷 I bought myself some flowers today. I needed to cheer the f#ck up. Life has been heavy lately. Not for me and not for anyone of us in particular. For ALL of us. The whole world! No one is singled out with the burden that COVID-19 has brought with it. We’re all in the trenches together. But man… it seems to relentlessly remind us countless times throughout the day that it’s going to get harder before it gets easier. I’ve had tears. I’m sure you have too. Our worlds have all been flipped upside down and in no particular order! Kids are home (🤪), most of us along with them, businesses have closed their doors, people are finding themselves out of work, we’re scrambling for flour and toilet paper (😉) and first and foremost, we’re all concerned for our health and that of our loved ones. 🌷Fresh tulips are always a sign that spring is just around the corner (even if they came from the store) – warm sun, green grass, fresh air, smiling faces. This shall pass, just as seasons do… something that we can certainly all look forward to! Do something nice for yourself, friends. Keep smiling. The $3 tulips did the trick for me today and until this indeed passes, it’s business as (un)usual. 🌷